Self-Service Stands - Kiosk

Installing a self-service kiosk enables the client to perform a wide range of operations at their own convenience and with maximum flexibility. Mittwoch offers a wide range of self-service kiosks, for various needs and areas of activity, according to customer’s requirement. Our company specializes in adapting self-service stations to customer needs and provides them with development, installation, implementation, service and maintenance. We offer Cash and Check Deposit and withdrawal machines – NCR, Payment, Queue Management, Information, Check-in, Ticketing, Restaurant / Fast Food Self Order, Medical Self-Service and more… Our company provides hardware and software solutions according to customer demand and accompanies their integration to a complete product, installed on the client’s site.
We will be happy to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your business.

A variety of advanced queue management kiosks that provide solutions to queue waiting problems, using cutting-edge technology.
The stands optimize visitor routing using interactive touchscreen kiosks with ticket dispenser and appointment management.

Customers tend to spend more when they build their own orders with technology. Self-order kiosks in the restaurant will increase revenue at the point of sale while reducing labor costs and improving customer service. The NCR SelfServ XK32 kiosk runs on Intel Core 6 processors.

A variety of self-service information and payment configurations in stylish and innovative design provide a self-order solution for various uses. Advance to the new era of self-service payment and enhance your customer experience!

Self-service order kiosk in an innovative and compact design and a flat multi-touch screen. Encourages the customer to order from a friendly and convenient interface, increases sales and reduces labor costs.
Additional accessories: MSR, barcode reader and credit card connection.20

An interactive kiosk enables qualitative communication with the customer at the point of sale, provides information on new products and promotions and increases sales. Available in a variety of configurations: countertop, pedestal or wall.

A complete hardware and software solution provides hotel guests with a comprehensive check-in process. Based on the innovative technology of “hotel check-in”.

Endless Aisle Kiosks give customers the option of choosing self-service or personal assistance from your sales associates. Many consumers recognize self-service to be faster, easier and more convenient while giving them more control and privacy. Additionally, Endless Aisle Kiosks offer these customers a way to access product information, compare products, and order merchandise independently.

Stylish and easy to use kiosks are an ideal platform for sales, promotion and orientation in malls, visitor centers and train stations. Provide prices and all relevant business information in retail chains and stores.

Interactive kiosks allow passengers to easily pass the check-in process, thus creating an efficient and cost effective solution for airlines. Self-service check-in includes: passport scanning, luggage tag and boarding pass printing as well as payment for upgrades. Airlines can reduce pressure off their ground crews and release staff for passengers who need personal assistance.

A new generation kiosk that allows passengers to check-in, pay for upgrades, change seats, scan documents and print a boarding pass fast and with fewer clicks. Passengers will be able to enjoy seamless brand experience.

“All-in-One” stand with touch screen, printer and peripherals that are well integrated into one compact kiosk. The TouchPort 100 supports credit card payment and allows you to read passports or ePassports, select seats and print boarding passes.

A compact 19″ touch screen kiosk, with credit card reader, barcode reader, passport and ePassport scanning, boarding pass and luggage tag printing. Available in a variety of configurations: countertop, pedestal or wall.

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