Document and check processing systems

 NCR is the market leader worldwide and in Israel in the technology of reading and processing checks. NCR has a very wide variety of clearing and sorting systems which read checks and vouchers at various speeds, sort them, photograph them and process the data and photos with the most advanced technology and according to the needs of the organization operating the systems, while integrating them into the relevant systems used by the organization. 

Incorporated in the E-Series are the most advanced readers available today. The BancTec Triple Read™ system verifies the document MICR line multiple times using both optical and magnetic technologies. Because of this innovative technology, the E-Series provides some of the best read rates in the industry.

A high-volume transport, designed for stand-up semi-attended image processing. The reliability you need, day after day after day. Superior throughput you can rely on. Long-term reliability means your investment is sound. Scalability makes this transport future-proof. Easy maintenance means higher availability

Designed for reliability, accuracy and efficiency. Maximum productivity with superior technology. Lets you offer better service to customers. Long-term reliability keeps downtime to a minimum. Easy maintenance for increased productivity. The latest optics reduce operator interventions.

The TellerScan TS500 shouldn’t just be a box that moves paper around. Banking requirements evolve and today’s hardware must be designed to anticipate those changing needs. With simple intuitive controls, multiple capture functions, and modern advancements

The TellerScan TS 4120’s quiet operation is ideal for back office production scanning – with speeds between 100-120 checks per minute, depending on the application.

The TS-350’s a compact, high speed two-sided branch scanner with an 80 item autofeeder and two output pockets for selectable sorting. can handle a broad range of checks, giros, and other small financial documents. Needing just 7 x 12 inches of space, the TS-350’s ‘horseshoe’ transport fits easily at the back counter of the bank branch.

The TellerScan TS240 represents a legacy of proven performance and reliability. Ideal for a range of applications including capture at the teller window, remote deposit capture and branch back counter environments


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