Data backup and storage

We provide various data backup and data storage solutions:

 Briefcases and means to transport and store backup media, computers, drives, and other computing equipment. dust by Turtle (US) (exclusive representative).
  Special means to fly equipment and protect it from water and dust by Turtle (US) (exclusive representative).
  Specialized cabinets and safes for the protection and secure storage of backup tapes and IT equipment manufactured by DASCO Canada and PHOENIX manufactured in the United States.
  Backup tapesMittwoch is the only certified distributor of IBM’s backup media (Diamond Distributor). We provide all types and volumes of backup tapes, as well as HP tapes.
  Wide variety of internal and external disks, portable and stationary – from the world’s leading brands, volume and speed ranges from WD, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA and more.
  Advanced backup and storage media for HP, IBM, and DELL. WD external hard drives with different storage capacities. Equipped with a fast USB 3.0 connection, which supports transfer speeds up to 10 times the previous generation. Backward compatibility that allows you to connect the drive to older computers with USB 2.0 or USB 1.0 connections. Comes with WD Backup software that allows automatic backup of your computer.
  External disks 3.5 – Keep your content safe with the My Western Digital Digital Drive that allows you to store, share, encrypt, organize, and back up photos, videos, music, and important documents all in one place.
  An external, portable, high quality SSD drive offering improved performance with an ultra-fast USB 3.0 Type C connection that combines backward compatibility with USB 2.0. Utilizing SSD storage technology without moving parts allows the drive to remain quiet, cool and withstand shocks and vibrations. From Samsung, SanDisk, WD and more …
  Internal hard drive SSD is 10 times faster than any standard hard drive. Will make your programming run smoothly and load faster. Reliable, stable, no moving parts and resistance to shocks. Energy efficient, quiet and advanced. The drive is very slim and 7 mm in height, making it ideal for both stationary and portable computers, Samsung, SanDisk, WD and more …
  LTO backup drives by Dell, IBM, HP
  NAS storage servers with the possibility of inserting a variable number of 3.5 / 2.5-inch hard drives with fast connections, USB 3.0, advanced storage, sharing, encryption and backup capabilities. WD, QNAP, IOMEGA and other leading brands.
  A variety of barcode labels for cassettes, including EDP RFID labels approved by manufacturers of all backup libraries.
  Advanced memory cards, volumes, sizes and speeds – from the world’s leading brands – WD, SanDisk and more …
  USB flash drives (USB flash drives) in a selection of volumes, sizes and speeds and all leading companies.
 Cabinets and safes to protect and storage backup tapes and IT equipment by Dasco (Canada) and Phoenix (US). 
  DVD drives and burners. Both internally and externally and at different speeds and the leading companies * You can also obtain dedicated recordable discs.
  Accessories for storage drives, external enclosures for USB drives, hard disk docking stations and more …

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