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I.E. Mittwoch is Platinum Business Partner of Avaya, and is certified at the JSD service level, which is Avaya’s highest service level for telephony systems and communications switchboards. I.E. Mittwoch is also a business partner for leading global companies in the communications field, including Juniper, Cisco and Ruckus. Over the 20 years in which I.E. Mittwoch has been operating in this field, we have installed digital telephone switchboards and IP telephony systems for many organizations in Israel, including banks, credit companies, communications companies, insurance companies, leading global companies and many other organizations in various sectors of the Israeli economy.

The communications department of I.E. Mittwoch and Sons has more than twenty years of experience in planning, establishing and servicing communication systems and customer contact centers for hundreds of clients from the Israeli and international markets. The solutions offered by Mittwoch in the communications field encompass telephone switchboards, IP video conferencing, Unified Communication, data network communication systems which include network switches, routers, LAN wireless solutions and security solutions for communication networks. Over the years the communications department has implemented innovations and adaptations to changing market needs, while maintaining quality standards and uncompromising professional service.

Advanced telephony systems

The communications department at I.E. Mittwoch and Sons deals with planning, establishing and maintaining advanced telephony systems, particularly IP protocol and SIP, and implementation of Unified Communication solutions including mobile video. The company’s solutions in the field of switchboards and telephony systems are based on products from Avaya, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. I.E. Mittwoch is a Gold Business Partner and is certified at the JSD level for Co-Delivery as an Avaya Certified Quality Service Provider which is the highest level of service for Avaya telephony and communications switchboard systems.

Call/Contact Center systems

I.E. Mittwoch and Sons implements complete communication solutions for contact centers for leading organizations in Israel based on Avaya systems, which provide access via a variety of communications methods including by phone, web, chat and social media, using Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for connection to Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems, and recording.

These solutions offer automated identification of the customer making the inquiry and include customer history, real-time reports, management and control of service representatives and more.

Data Communications Solutions

I.E. Mittwoch and Sons implements a variety of comprehensive solutions for advanced communication networks, from the advisory stage to the stages of installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance.
The company specializes in:

  •  Local communication networks
  •  Local wireless networks
  •  VoIP solutions and integrated services
  •  IP infrastructure and services
  •  Management of control and monitoring systems and networks
  •  High Availability solutions

Worldwide Customer Service 

The Worldwide Customer Service department at NCR installs communication systems and serves customers in more than 200 countries around the world. This service is unique in its global distribution and the wide variety of communications manufacturers for whose products this international service is offered. WCS customers around the world include numerous major corporations, including telecom companies such as Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, France Telecom and more. In addition to the wide variety of services offered by WCS, equipment may be purchased in the target country where the service is offered. This service allows companies that export equipment overseas to purchase equipment via the department in Israel or in the target country, and to receive local service in the target country. This simplifies and eases the implementation of projects which require service and equipment from Israeli companies and companies in many other countries throughout the world, when they are supported by WCS for implementation in the field.

Media Concepts

  • PBX – (Private Branch Exchange)
  • VoIP-Voice Over Internet Protocol,  VoIP, IP ו- Soft phone
  • Unified Communication
  • Session Initiation Protocol -SIP ו-SIP TRUNK
  • IVR-Interactive Voice Response
  • Call center

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In the news 

Mittwoch was ranked STKI’s annual market leader (Tier 1) by 2020 in six different IT categories.
Mittwoch certified by Avaya as a Platinum Business Partner.
Mittwoch wins project to establish data and telephony communication network at Haargaz Group’s new logistical center.
Mittwoch wins project to transition and upgrade organizational IPT telephony system at eBay Israel’s R&D facility.
Gartner names Avaya leading company for contact center infrastructure.
Mittwoch expands operations in the communications field.

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