Data Warehouse & BI systems

The Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence department at Mittwoch specializes insales, implementation, maintenance and support services for the Aster Data, Teradata Hortonworks Hadoop and MicroStrategy family of products. The department implements projects and applications in these fields for our customers as well as developing business applications based on these technologies, which provide business products for small, medium and large organizations. The projects the department implements lay a cornerstone for modern, effective management of many business activities.

Teradata – Data Warehouse & Applications

  • Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse – EDW / DWH
  • Teradata Active Data Warehouse – ADW
  • Teradata Data Mart & ODS – Data Warehouse for SMB
  • Migration of  other Data Warehouse to Teradata
  • Teradata Unified Data Architecture – UDA

Microstrategy BI – Business Intelligence

Big Data Aster Data & Hortonworks Hadoop

  • Big Data – Project-based  Aster Data (Combined  Hadoop)
  • Hortonworks Hadoop – Big Data
  • A “customer journey” / Aster Data Customer Journey
  • Teradata Aster – Big Analytics Appliance
  • Teradata Unified Data Architecture – UDA
  • Celebrus – Understanding Your Client Web Interactions

Teradata Applications

  •  Integrated Marketing Management – IMM
  • Aprimo Campaign Management – CM
  • Teradata Value Analyzer – TVA
  • ADCM – Demand inventory management system
  • AMDM- Aprimo Master Data Management
  • Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence IWI/ICI

Concepts of the World a  DW &  BI

  • What is  BIG DATA  ?
  • What is  BI ?
  • What is  Data Warehouse ?

Data Warehouse & BI Open Source Projects

  • Data Warehouse Open Source Projects
  • BI Open Source Projects

In the news 

  • Teradata’s collaboration with Celebrus unique addresses
  •  Aprimo Campaign Management won first place in the Gold Stevie …
  • The Mobile BI Survey of Gartner citation to MicroStrategy
  • Fast Lane innovative insights …
  • Gartner also the era of Big Data …
  • Teradata Launches Aster SQL-H …
  • Microstrategy company was ranked …

Microstrategy Distributer Reseller Israel

Mittwoch is the leading Microstrategy Distributer and Reseller in Israel with vast experience in the local market.
I.E. Mittwoch & Sons is the leading Reseller, Distributor and Supporting Partner of Microstrategy in Israel. Mittwoch has got more than 15 years of local experience in the Israeli market with Reselling and Distributing Microstrategy BI and Microstrategy Dashboards solutions in Israel both independently as well and in conjunction with Teradata Data Warehouse.

For more information or with questions, please call +972-50-8234085 or email

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