APTRA™ software

NCR APTRA Edge is a leading, highly flexible ATM networking software self-service application designed for use in any host environment. It is an open solution based on Microsoft® Windows®, enabling you to concurrently offer self-service applications from different hosts and deliver these across hardware from multiple vendors. As a matter of legacy, most ATM networking software applications are written to communicate with, and deliver transactions from, a single host environment, such as NDC. If you change your host – for example, to a cross-channel IFX environment – then the existing application will have to be re-written at significant cost.
Not with NCR APTRA Edge. No matter which host environment you currently use – or change to – NCR APTRA Edge can be readily customized to communicate with it, quickly delivering all the functionality of a leading self-service application to your customer base.

And as a true multi-vendor solution, NCR APTRA Edge will drive transactions across Windows-based ATMs from any number of third party vendors. Most of the self-service transactions you’ll ever need are included, so you can start delivering the services and functionality your customers expect immediately.
The APTRA™ family of software provides comprehensive solutions to the application needs of NCR’s self-service banking systems. APTRA™ has a wealth of specialized software in this field, developed by NCR and used to operate a wide variety of applications on NCR ATMs and information terminals in the financial field. APTRA™ systems are installed on many ATMs in Israel and throughout the world.

For more information or with questions, please call +972-50-7701834 or email shay@ncr.co.il

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