Customer service systems

NCR is one of the world’s largest and most influential corporations in development, production and marketing of customer service systems. Its wide variety of products offer comprehensive solutions for all aspects of retail marketing and commerce, including a variety of  Point of Sale terminals, centralized and decentralized, for all sectors and targets, as well as self-service systems. The company works in collaboration with different software companies which specialize in supplying software for the retail sector – in order to present customers with solutions in any desired format.

Our solutions include:

  • A variety of optic scanners for reading barcodes including handheld scanners, scanners built into tables and scanners integrated with scales.
  • Self-service information kiosks for various uses and locations.
  • Self-service payment and exit kiosks which do not require a cashier (no line) for retail chains.
  • Electronic price tags: Automatic price marking for products.
  • A variety of additional products, including cash register printers, customer information screens, register drawers for bills and touch screens.


Component equipment for point-of-sale payment systems

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