Point-of-sale Self-service Checkout

NCR Corporation is one of the world’s largest and leading forces in the development, production and marketing of public service systems, with a wide range of products. NCR provides a comprehensive response to a vast range of retail and commercial businesses.
I.E. Mittwoch & Sons offers a variety of self-service stations for different areas of activity and according to customers’ requirements.
A variety of unified or decentralized point of sale stations, for all sectors and designations, as well as self-service systems. The company works in collaboration with various software houses, which specialize in supplying software to the retail sectors, in order to offer solutions to clients in any desired format. We will be happy to assist you to build the solution that suits you.

The NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout R6C delivers more effective cash management with advanced global cash and coin recycling capabilities. Its innovative design enables you to convert it from a self-checkout lane to an assisted lane in seconds. The sleek zero-bezel display features a responsive touchscreen which supports multi-touch, and a new eco-friendly LED intervention light that reduces power consumption.

NCR Corporation develops and produces a wide range of self-service sales stations, and is the world leader in this innovative field. Our retail kiosks enable customer payment without having to queue at the cash register.

The NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout Express Convertible is especially well-suited for small store environments. Its staffing model enables it to accommodate the ebbs and flows of consumer traffic, allowing all lanes to be open all of the time while providing high customer service levels at the same time.

The NCR SelfServ 90 is ideal for high volume stores with small baskets and strong card usage. It saves money on your technology investment by eliminating the cash and coin tender options and the security scale. Its integrated design offers a projected capacitive zero-bezel display, an EMV-compliant chip and PIN reader with contactless card capability, a 2D imaging scanner, and an integrated receipt printer and coupon bin. Customers can easily ’grab and go’ to make shopping even more convenient, especially during peak hours.

The flexible tilt mount and front accessible bezel make accessing
internal components easier and keep downtime to a minimum. NCR Services enhance the solution with a comprehensive services package that maximizes system availability and your investment.

The NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout Cash Tender Module (R6) and software development kit (SDK) enable retailers to automate cash handling within their existing point-of-sale (POS) lanes or at a Self-Serv kiosk. Customers can easily make payments and receive cash back without assistance, reducing the risk of errors or shrink.

In recent years, self-service positions have become part of daily life, both for the consumer audience and for service organizations. The need for self-service positions is growing in the light of innovative technological developments and raising awareness of streamlining and accessing processes to the general public, including citizens with diverse accessibility needs and the public of the third age.

For more information or with questions, please contact: ncr@ncr.co.il

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