Hardware and Infrastructure

We sell a large variety of computer hardware and infrastructure products:

1.     Workstations, Tablets, Mobile, Thin Clients Workstations, tablets, mobile devices, thin clients Mittwoch distributes a variety of product by global leading computer brands, including: HP, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, Apple We are business partners with leading manufacturers in the industry, providing our clients significant benefits such as attractive BID prices, tailor-made configurations and maximum availability.
The work shop is optimized for heavy graphics and video editing software that requires graphics accelerators, heavy rendering, 3D VR, and multiple layers. The workstation enclosure includes ultra quiet acoustics and advanced cooling for high performance. You also enjoy responsibility as a whole, for a solution that has been tested and tested specifically for your uses.

Mobile or stationary? Release yourself from everything you knew.
The fact that you are on the move does not mean that the work should stop. You can keep working, at any rate, at the right pace for you and do everything. You can work with the most professional software, the highest demands, the most reliable – with a professional graphics accelerator, a high-quality monitor, dedicated docking stations for fast connection and impressive performance.

2.      Computer Monitors We sell computer monitors for various purposes by the following brands: Philips, Samsung, LG, HP, AOC, Dell, Lenovo, BenQ.
         All monitors are sold with a 3 year warranty, usually on site.

3.      Servers Physical servers by IBM, HP, Dell, rack servers, blade servers, x86.

4.      Software Every configuration of Microsoft software: OEM, Open License, Retail, OVS, 365.
         Symantec products – including security and backup, Adobe products and security software by ESET.

5.     Computer ComponentsA full range of computer components for repairing, upgrading, and building computer systems:
        All types of memories for stations, portable, servers (Kingston, Team, etc.), all volumes and configurations for hard disks by Hitachi, Toshiba, WD.
        Processors by Intel and AMD, motherboards by ASUS, Gigabyte, and Intel. Power supplies for every task and output.

6.      IV. UPS and Batteries Systems with all outputs by APC and Advice, mobile device batteries – original and replacement, computer power packs for work without power source.

7.      Lab Services Computer repairs, upgrades, software installation, network setup, etc.

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