About us

I.E. Mittwoch & Sons is operating in Israel since 1933. The sole distributor in Israel, of NCR and Teradata corporations. I.E. Mittwoch & Sons specializes in customized and general computing solutions: self-service solutions, data warehousing solutions and communications solutions. Including all of their components. Solutions include planning, marketing, implementing and maintaining the systems in our areas of expertise. I.E. Mittwoch & Sons execute projects in these fields, including hardware, software, development, integration, service, implementation and training. I.E. Mittwoch & Sons has a longstanding tradition of commitment to quality and excellence. Our wide customer base includes many organizations and companies, including some of the largest market leaders in various industries in Israel.

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Customer service

For decades, I.E. Mittwoch’s customer service department has been serving thousands of customers throughout Israel.
The primary types of service we provide include planning, installation service, ongoing maintenance services, and consulting services in the company’s areas of expertise.
The customer service department’s center is located in Tel Aviv with branches in Jerusalem and Haifa.  Most of the department’s staff members have formal training in their fields of expertise and many years of experience in practical work.
The customer service department includes two primary areas: hardware services and software services.

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