Medical computing solutions

Medical computing solutions including design and production of movable computerized medical carts, medical document delivery, water resistant mouses and keyboards, screen protectors, anti-bacterial pens, and other medical equipment. The computer equipment division provides its clients with the optimal combination of a great variety of high quality products as well as nation wide presence and great depth of accumulated experience, allowing us to meet the highest standards for delivering products and solutions in our field.

The mobility revolution enters the medical world! Mittwoch offers US made cutting edge medical carts to be used as workstations, available for physicians everywhere, providing quick and convenient access to patient medical files.

Customized medical nursing carts with maximum flexibility. Mittwoch’s new nursing carts are build exactly per client requirements and function as available workstations for nurses, to provide them with quick computer access to medicine, equipment, and essential information. This effective solution improves work quality and eliminates human errors.

I.E. Mittwoch & Sons introduces cutting edge medical computerization, designed for maximum flexibility, for various applications at hospitals and operating rooms. Among other things, direct communication between the computers and the medical instruments enables reading the signals from the medical machines and moving them directly to the patient’s medical file. This effective solution improves work quality and eliminates human errors.

The Mobility Revolution in the Medical World–Continues! Advanced doctor carts that allow remote handling with add-ons of Logitech Meetup 4K cameras or AVAYA PTZ cameras that allow powerful zoom and remote adjustment. This system can be connected to ancillary medical devices such as Tyto devices, digital stethoscopes, AKG devices and others, which provide the ability to perform medical examinations and receive remote diagnostics, during the video call by the therapist.

Washable Seal Shield™ keyboards sold by Mittwoch are designed to help prevent
 the spread of common contaminations in hospitals, including MSRA and bacteria.
Thanks to a unique combination of outstanding  characteristics, the keyboard provides you with the highest level of ongoing protection.  

Seal Shield™ mouses sold by Mittwoch  are designed to help prevent the spread of common contaminations in hospitals, including MSRA and bacteria. The mouses can be  washed and cleaned using conventional hospital supplies, for perfect disinfection. Our division also sells: Screen protectors for  computers, iPads, and cellular devices, washable headphones, and more…

The hot-swap battery system that can be connected to all types of carts,
not requiring power connection, enables complete mobility for the patient and the medical team.
The system has a digital monitor, displaying battery status. 

These stable mobile carts allow you to connect big heavy screens up to 855″, providing a variety of solutions for meeting rooms, workshops, and classes.
Available with powered or manual mechanism to control monitor height, rotation, and tilt.

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