NCR SelfServ 81

The SelfServ 81’s user centered design enables financial institutions to connect with consumers within the branch. The SelfServ 81 is a new premium interior walk-up ATM from NCR featuring options including Interactive Teller for remote assisted service integration as well as Interactive Banker for in-person assistance compatibility. Designed for ease-of-use and delivering an exceptional assisted self-service experience, the SelfServ 81 is capable of handling the highest possible transaction volumes. The ATM creates the omni-channel experience by delivering reliable and secure access to cash for consumers. Modernize, innovate and bring the omni-channel experience to life with an ATM underpinned by NCR’s Media Handling 2.0 technology. The SelfServ 81’s human centered design enables financial institutions to drive positive customer experience.



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NCR SelfServ 81
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