Microstrategy Distributer Reseller Israel​

Mittwoch is the leading Microstrategy Distributer and Reseller in Israel with vast experience in the local market.

I.E. Mittwoch & Sons is the leading Reseller, Distributor and Supporting Partner of Microstrategy in Israel. Mittwoch has got more than 15 years of local experience in the Israeli market with Reselling and Distributing Microstrategy BI and Microstrategy Dashboards solutions in Israel both independently as well and in conjunction with Teradata Data Warehouse.

By providing both implementation consultancy services as well as local help desk in the Hebrew language in Israel, Mittwoch has manage to gain a substantial footprint in strategic Microstrategy accounts in Israel.

Furthermore, Mittwoch is providing also Microstrategy implementation and Consultancy services to global and local customers, that are based in Israel or operate out of Israel, serving also the international markets.

Mittwoch vision for Distribution and Reselling Microstrategy BI is to serve as the Trusted Advisor of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) or the Head of BI, and to become the single point of consultancy in all related matter for both Big Data use cases as well as traditional Microstrategy Dashborad or BI. Microstrategy is rightfully considered the most comprehensive and prestigious tool for BI Dashaboads for both mid size companies as well as large companies and we are proud to serve as the leading Reseller and Distributer of Microstrategy in the Israeli market.

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