Microstrategy Big-Data BI

Microstrategy is the leading Big Data & BI analytics vendor in Israel

Microstrategy BI is the key Big Data analytics tool in many Big Data project around the world and also in Israel.
Using a vast array of readymade Big Data connectors, Microstrategy Big Data solution maps to Big Data sources, running smart analytics and visualization directly on  massive data arrays, or by creating In-Memory caching layer on top of the data, for super fast response time.

Microstrategy's ability to connect in a few minutes to a new data set on top of Cloudera Hadoop or Hortonworks Hadoop and to quickly visualize the data in a Data Discovery fashion is well known in the market. 
This capability, allows Big Data Data Scientists and BI Analysts, to quickly visualize and extract insight, but at the same time maintain and enforce comprehensive data governance and data security policies. By smartly combining the Data Discovery and the traditional Governed BI at scale, Microstrategy Big Data projects could benefit from both the agility of the Data Discovery, as well as the security of the Governed BI.

I.E. Mittwoch &Sons is  Distributing, Implementing, Consulting and Supporting Microstrategy Big Data and BI projects in Israel. By doing so, Mittwoch is consulting to CDOs in selecting and adopting Big Data technologies (such as Teradata, Cloudera Hadoop, Hortnoworks Hadoop, Presto, QueryGrid, Aster Data, Mongo DB , etc) suiting for their organizations, assisting them in sculpting the organization Big Data landscape.  Furthermore, Mittwoch Data Warehouse and BI Division implements also complete turnkey Big Data projects or Big Data POCs, that leverage those tools to gain competitive edge within those organizations.

We would love to schedule an introduction phone call or meeting to further elaborate on how can we assist you in overcoming your next Big Data and BI challenges.

For more information or with questions, please call +972-50-8234085 or email tal@ncr.co.il

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