Hortonworks Hadoop Consultancy in Israel

I.E. Mittwoch & Sons is providing consultancy services in Israel. Hortonworks Hadoop software, as well as reselling and supporting Hortonworks. Hadoop appliances and commodity hardware Hadoop clusters in Israel.

Mittwoch has got some highly skilled Hadoop team, of experts, which provide consultancy and support services in designing and installing, optimal and secured Hortonworks Hadoop Cluster Ecosystem, based on individual customer need in Israel.  Our hand-on Hadoop experience in Israel, allows our Hortonworks Hadoop prospects to benefit from our vast knowledge also in peripheral 3rd party front end Big Data tools such as Microstrategy BI, Presto SQL engine, Aster Data, etc'

Mittwoch is not only providing high level consultancy, but it is also capable and willing to implement a complete Hortonworks Hadoop Big Data project or Hortonworks Hadoop Proof of Concept (POC) & Proof of Value (POV), for a specific business need. Whether you are just making your first steps in building your Hadoop Ecosystem, or you are already in progress and need our assistance, we are looking forward to assist you with our experts.

Mittwoch vast experience in setting up a complete Data Analytics Ecosystem, that incorporates Data Warehouse together with Data Lake on Hortonworks Hadoop,  assures that this project will be successful. Mittwoch vast knowledge in conjunction with the Think Big Analytics division of Teradata consultancy, with more than 500 Big Data experts worldwide, could accelerate even further your success, shortening your time to value from the Hortonworks Hadoop Data Lake.

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