Teradata Vantage, Solutions for Pervasive Data Intelligence

Makes barriers, borders and silos part of the past.
If you’re not using Vantage, you’re not seeing everything

Vantage is the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence. The only software of its kind, capable of managing all of the data, all of the time. So, you can analyze anything, deploy anywhere, and deliver analytics that matter. Vantage offers full integration with your favorite tools and languages, leading analytic engines, and new sources of data to deliver the answers you need to create better business outcomes.

Companies rely on trusted answers to run their businesses; and analytics have become part of this process. However, choosing and implementing the right analytic platform to address a wide range of use cases can be problematic. 

For one thing, there’s a vast landscape of analytic tools to choose from. There are also different types of users, such as business analysts and data scientists, who want solutions that meet their specific needs. Then there’s the proliferation of different analytic functions and techniques, each with its own constituency of users.


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