Point of Sale Printers

Featuring high-speed thermal receipt printing at up to 90 lines per second, this printer helps you to quickly finalize customer transactions. Further, its high-resolution printing supports multiple bar code symbologies, including QR, which enables you to utilize bar-coded receipts tosimplify returnsand improve customer service.

With ample memory to store corporate logos and graphics, you’ll have an enhanced advertising vehicle that allows you to control and update your communication by transaction
or by store. The two one-sided color options help draw attention to your promotions, in black or blue.

Printing up to 90 lines per second in high resolution, the NCR RealPOS Thermal Receipt Printer provides exceptional print performance that translates into crisp text and sharp graphics for a clean, easy-to-read receipt. In addition, the printer supports both narrow and wide paper rolls, giving you the ability to leverage thermal printing for various applications within your environment.

Use up to 45% less paper and spend less time changing printer rolls during peak times. This keeps your POS terminals up and running when needed most, allowing customers to get through your store quickly and conveniently. In addition, the printer provides a 5-25% savings to your annual receipt paper investment, including freight and storage costs. A typical table service restaurant chain using twosided receipt printing could potentially save over 1,000 trees per year!

The Lean Receipt Utility power-saving options allow you to aggressively control power consumption by up to 50%. New features include standby and power-off mode, which give customers the ability to reduce their power consumption. The printer goes into standby mode when it’s not being used; however, once a receipt is received, it quickly wakes up and prints. The power off mode can be used to shut the printer down at night or during slow business hours. The printer wakes up when the paper feed button is pressed. Both options are fully customizable, giving you control

Your customers expect excellent service when shopping in your stores or dining in your restaurant, and the checkout is no exception. The NCR 7199’s high-speed thermal printing capability and proven reliability can help reduce transaction time, increasing customer satisfaction and throughput. It prints crisp text, at a rate of 355mm or 14 inches per second, and sharp graphics in 16 levels of grayscale. The 7199 can be wall mounted, integrated with your NCR RealPOS terminal, or placed on the counter top as a front or top exiting receipt printer. It gives you the flexibility to meet your changing needs or space constraints.

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